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Be Easy

7 Day Survival Guide

(quarantine edition)

We're so excited to offer this epic Survival Guide during these extremely crazy times!

Created as a PDF that will be sent to your email address you just entered, each day will include a series of different exercises and activities associated with a particular theme of each day.

With self-healing tapping sequences, yoga poses or stretches, playful activities, and even specific essential oils, all with the same intention, we are sure that you'll feel loads better at the end of your intention-filled week!

This Survival Guide can be utilized at any time in your life and can be applied as an ongoing daily practice. 

Our Survival Guide is on sale for only $22! Click the button below to complete your order registration on PayPal!

After payment is complete, you will receive a welcome email within 48 hours with more details and information on all of your BONUS gifts!

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