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Essential Oil Soul Blends

Here at Be Easy, we are doing the work of sharing more light with the world, and we are also sharing healing on an individual level with our new and personalized essential oil Soul Blends!!


We have been learning more about essential oils and how to blend them for specific physical, emotional, and energetic purposes. We've each created our very own unique and personal SOUL BLENDS for topical use in little roller bottles... and we are obsessed.



In the last few weeks, we've made dozens of personalized essential oil Soul Blends for family, friends, and clients -- with GREAT results, both physically and emotionally!!

We are excited to share the magic of these blends with you, and are offering you your very own unique Soul Blend FOR FREE!!!! No joke -- for just the cost of the consultation with both Dr. Ryan and Kat, we will create and send you a personalized 10mL roller bottle filled with your very own magic potion, designed to help you uplift your life, brighten your mood, alleviate your stress, and open the gateway to deeper healing and connection every time you use it.


Here's how it works: We will set up a 15 minute private consultation with you to discuss your primary area(s) of interest -- these can be physical symptoms, or emotional issues or goals. After this consultation, Dr. Ryan & Kat will intuit and create your very own personal and unique essential oil Soul Blend. For each additional Soul Blend requested, there will be an addition of $20 and 10 minutes of consultation time (max. 4 total Soul Blends at one time).


This is a perfect gift idea for family members or friends -- share the love and joy!! After your purchase, contact us at to set up your consultation!

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